Laser Dark Spot Treatment in Ann Arbor

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Heal damaged skin with a laser dark spot treatment in Ann Arbor

Aesthetic lasers use the latest technology to specifically target and eliminate a multitude of skin imperfections and areas that cause us to be less confident.

If you have brown areas caused by sun damage or age that frustrate you and make you self-conscious, come to Medical Aesthetics Ann Arbor where we can help with our laser dark spot treatment in Ann Arbor.

A dark spot treatment in Ann Arbor works great for...

  • Dark Spots
  • Age Spots
  • Sun Damage

Before & After

The results of laser dark spot treatments in Ann Arbor can be immediate, but may require several sessions to achieve the desired results. After the treatment, the skin will be temporarily red and darkened, which will heal within 7 to 10 days. After healing, you will notice significant improvement in skin color.

How it Works


Laser treatments are one of the most effective procedures in skincare.  Giving patients the ability to dramatically improve their skin health and treat specific areas of concern in significantly less time than more invasive methods.

Using our state-of-the-art laser, we can effectively provide a dark spot treatment in Ann Arbor to help our patients achieve the skin of their dreams!


With the Quanta laser, we can use a focused beam of light to target and break up the pigment particles in the damaged skin that make up your sun spots, age spots, or birthmark to give you an even, glowing complexion.

Depending on the size of the brown spot or treatment area(s), we can typically fade and eliminate the brown spot or area with a minimal amount of treatments.


Results with our laser dark spot removal in Ann Arbor are permanent although additional spots can develop if the skin continues to be exposed to sun.

Therefore, it is important to avoid direct UV exposure and lead a healthy lifestyle to ensure that more dark spots do not emerge.

Medical Aesthetics

Medical Aesthetics Ann Arbor offers a range of med spa services that can enhance your natural beauty and treat your skin concerns for a healthy, rejuvenated look and feel.

From anti-aging treatments, to spider vein and sun spot removal, to laser hair removal and more, our experts will help you achieve your cosmetic and beauty goals.

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