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Melt away imperfections with chemical peels in Ann Arbor

If you are frustrated with dull, sun damaged, or aging skin, chemical peels in Ann Arbor at Medical Aesthetics Ann Arbor can help!

An essential part of any healthy skincare routine, chemical peels are effective for most skin types and concerns. At Medical Aesthetics Ann Arbor, we perform professional PCA® Skin Peels for patients who want to deeply exfoliate their skin for a glowing, healthy complexion.

PCA Peels are considered gentler, and require no downtime. We use our chemical peels in Ann Arbor to dissolve dead and damaged skin cells, allowing fresh, healthy skin to come to the surface. Depending on your unique skin type, goals, and the extent of damage we are treating, we will customize your chemical peel to address your concerns.

Chemical Peels work great for...

  • Wrinkles & Fine Lines
  • Pigmentation
  • Sun Damage
  • Scars
  • Blemishes & Acne
  • Rough or Uneven Texture

Before & After

Patients notice clean, shiny skin right away with results continuing to improve over several days. After a series of PCA Chemical Peels in Ann Arbor, you will have a glowing, even complexion. We recommend regular treatments to maintain results.

How it Works


The beauty of a chemical peel lies in its versatility.

Our PCA Skin chemical peels in Ann Arbor are available in formulations for all skin types and concerns. No matter if you are a man or woman, what age you are, or if you have sensitive skin, you can reap the benefits of a chemical peel. These perfected formulas help you address your acne, fine lines & wrinkles, and other pigmentation & texture concerns, with no downtime!


Like the name suggests, PCA chemical peels use chemical methods – commonly a combination of skin-penetrating acids from nature – rather than physical ones (like microdermabrasion) to exfoliate the skin more gently and increase cell turnover rate.

Depending on the specific formula we use, we can stimulate collagen production, deeply clean your pores, dissolve blackheads, melt dead skin, and more. Plus, if you suffer from melasma, or sun-triggered dark patches, we can treat this condition evenly and effectively with a series of chemical peels.


After receiving your chemical peel, you may experience some temporary redness and light flaking, and it is very important not to pick or pull on any of this loose skin.

There is no required downtime or time off of work with a PCA Skin peel. We just ask that you avoid direct sunlight without sunscreen and excessive heat for a couple of days.

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Medical Aesthetics Ann Arbor offers a range of med spa services that can enhance your natural beauty and treat your skin concerns for a healthy, rejuvenated look and feel.

From anti-aging treatments, to spider vein and sun spot removal, to laser hair removal and more, our experts will help you achieve your cosmetic and beauty goals.

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